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I have served as Minister to the Unitarian Congregation of Mendon and Uxbridge since September of 2005.  
While I was born in New Jersey, I have never really considered myself to be from there, or maybe I do—far from there! From the time I was four my family spent part, at least, of every summer in Maine and by the time I was eight or nine, the whole summer. That was where I developed my early friendships, at least the lasting ones.
When it came time to choose a college, Bowdoin was my only choice, partly because it is a very good school, but partly because it would let me live in Maine for four years. While I may not be a native, I consider myself at least an adopted New Englander.  A Bachelors in Biology with a Masters in Zoology may not seem like much of a preparation for a career in ministry, but it was a long time before I found Unitarian Universalism and the faith that I could wholeheartedly embrace. So for a number of years I taught Biology. I raised honey bees, restored cars, worked in an activity center for mentally challenged adults, was a substance abuse counselor and finally a pipe organ builder. For me, it was always a struggle between working with people in a way that was both helping and creative and working with my hands to produce a “tangible” result (I am not sure the struggle is over yet, I hope always to have access to a woodshop where I can work on a small project!). While repairing an organ, working with a group of volunteers at a UU Church in Bangor, Maine, I got hooked!  Soon I was attending every Sunday, helping out at fairs and other fundraisers, joining, serving on committees, elected to the Board. . .Well, you see where this is leading. I entered Bangor Theological Seminary and this is where it all ended. Oh, I served for two and one half years as Student Minister in Augusta, ME, then another year as Interim Minister in Ellsworth and Castine, Maine before taking an extended sabbatical to be with my parents during a difficult time which left me neither time nor energy to serve a congregation.
Since 2000 I have served several congregations, usually involving a “Team Ministry” including students.  Our Denomination is important to me and I have served on the District Board for a number of years in Maine, the Continental Committee for the Annual Program Fund of the UUA, and have served again on the District Board in the Clara Barton District. I also served on the Nominating Committee for the Clara Barton District


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