Sunday Service including Coffee Hour and Religious Education for children begin at 10:30 a.m.


October 7 10:30 am

"Chaplaincy and UUism"

We will explore and try to answer the question: “Do UUs make the best chaplains?”

Chloe Briede


October 14 10:30 am

"Put On a Smiley Face"

What would happen if we followed the example of Harvey Ball?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke


October 21 10:30 am

"The Worst Case Scenario"

How do we prepare for the worst that might happen?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke


October 28 10:30 am

"How Do We Know Who You Are?"

Well, it is Halloween again, a time for Trick or Treat, but is there some treasure to be found in Halloween? Costumes are encouraged but not required

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke


Sunday Service including Coffee Hour and Religious Education for children begin at 10:30 a.m.


November 4 10:30 am



Chloe Briede


November 11 10:30 am

"Soul Healing"

There are happenings that deeply wound us. What can help us heal?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke


November 18 10:30 am


What else would we talk about the week before Thanksgiving?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke


November 25 10:30 am

"Invisible Work"

What happens if nobody notices?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke





Worship Services at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Mendon and Uxbridge

Regular Sunday Services (first Sunday after Labor day through the second Sunday in June)
Our services begin at 10:30 AM each Sunday morning. All ages gather in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service. The church bell is rung (usually by some of the children) to welcome all to join us.  Our service includes music and silence, singing and prayer/meditation, candle lighting, some readings and a message. Near the beginning of the service we pause to allow people to come forward to light a Candle of Joy or Concern and, if they wish, briefly share a personal milestone and/or joy or concern (children often participate). The children gather for a “Story for All Ages,” which the adults anticipate as much as the children. Following the story children are invited to leave for age appropriate religious education, though they are welcome to remain with their parents. Most often there is a sermon by our minister, the Rev. Ralph T. Clarke, but occasionally by a guest speaker or lay led service.  This year we have a "Support Minister," Chloe Briede, (A student who is preparing for the UU Ministry) who leads one--usually the first--Sunday each month. There is also, of course, an Offering taken.  Our service lasts about one hour and is followed by “Coffee Hour” where we share coffee, tea, milk or juices and a variety of food, often healthful!

Informal Summer Services (third Sunday in June through Labor Day weekend)
An un-air conditioned church in summer is not conducive to thought (or almost anything else!”) so we do not have formal services during the summer months.  We move to “Goss Hall” at the other end of our building which is air conditioned.  The services are usually smaller and take place in a circle or around a table (makes it easier to have a cup of coffee during the service too).  There is usually no music and there is usually a discussion of a topic rather than a “sermon.”
We do not have regular child care during the summer, but we do have quiet activities and parents often take turns providing supervision.


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