Sunday Service and Religious Education for children begin at 10:30 a.m.

Coffee Hour follows the Service at 11:30 a.m.

Sunday Sermons


September 3 10:30 am
"Informal Service"

This is Labor Day Weekend. When we meet or are introduced to someone after exchanging names, the next information given is our occupation. What does this say about us and how does it fit with our faith?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke

September 10 10:30 am
"Why Do We Come Back?"

This is Mendon's 350th anniversary. For many of those years, the Church was the center of almost all social activities starting with a two to three hour service on Sunday morning followed by another long service in the afternoon, but also lectures, discussions and other "entertainment." Blessedly we have substantially reduced the time listening to sermons, but we have also lost many of the community buildings activities (except coffee hour). What are the ways we can recover the community building at a time when there is so much competation for our time and interest?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke

September 17 10:30 am
"Strength or Power"

Our country has always been a strong country, but where does that strength come from? Is it our military might and power or does our strength come from other things?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke

September 24 10:30 am
"If We Love the Earth"

Take a look aroung. Look at Climate Change, the number of refugees, the number of species on the verge of extinction, the number of people starving. Is this an earth that reflects our love for it?

Reverend Ralph T. Clarke




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